Airside Safelifters

Having supplied plates for ‘airside’ projects in the past we were aware of some of the problems faced by these unique jobsites.

In particular, traditional anti skid treatments were unsuitable for a number of reasons including;

  • Should the resin-grit become detached due to severe impact, bending of plates or the scraping of excavators in areas where aircraft may operate it could become exetremely hazardous if caught in a jet blast. This applies to both personell, surrounding equipment/infrastructure & plus of course the jet engines themselves.
  • Sometimes when resin is newly applied and/or becomes wet it can become quite reflective & produces a very unpleasant glare in bright sunshine. Where this would be unlikely to be a issue for road traffic scenarios, for pilots & airport control staff, working many metres above ground level it is a real issue.

In the past the issue was bypassed by specifying uncoated (i.e bare steel) for airside works. Something we & our clients had great concerns about, as an treated plate can be, by its very nature, treacherous to walk or drive across.

All of this was handed to the research team who were asked for some deep thinking. It culminated in a black roadplate coating that is unique to us.

They developed an existing technique known to be to be the cutting edge of anti skid technology & used on offshore rigs & aircraft carriers

Our version exceeds any highway specification worldwide having a scrim ratio 70 and still 68 after 1 million foot falls (50 being recommended figure for highway use). It is therefore as effective a road surface as dry asphalt. (as tested by Transport Research Laboratories for Transport For London (TFL))

It is superior to standard resin encapsulated aggregate coatings.

The alloy it is coated with is part Titanium Carbide, one of the toughest materials known to man & its resistance to wear is fantastic.

They are now part of BAA’s specification for airport works

The only downside is the very high cost of producing them, a factor we do not pass on to the hirer.

The aeroplane logo denotes this as ‘fit for Air-side use on airports’

All of the above in conjunction with our precision machining & bevelling process & the most excellent SALLY system leaves us with the AIRSIDE SAFELIFT plate. The ultimate plate for airside works