The first NOEL – Leeds


The first NOEL - Leeds

The first NOEL - Leeds

We were aware that Halloween hadn’t happened yet, but there was a plantation of monumental Christmas trees to put up around the country and it was up to us to assist with many of them.

The first one of the year required a bit of thinking about because floor loadings from the associated plant required to bring in and decorate this monster, Europe’s largest indoor tree (according to our client*) exceeded the safe working load of the floor. A solution to spread the load safely was required.

So Richard ‘Lugs’ Lainsbury and his trusty Moffett forklift and curtainsider arrived at 20.00 hrs on Saturday evening with 38 panels of our very own design of POLYROAD temporary road-way. This was a far better than the steel plate solution suggested originally, as it doesn’t scratch or bruise a decorative stone flooring and its upper surface means that skating or rolling heavy loads across them is also an option.

He and our install team had to get them down, route the tree and machinery into the heart of the atrium and get all of them back out and transport it all off site by 08.00 hrs on the Sunday for when the shops opened up.

It was close, but we did it!