Grand Designs – Serious Wedge!

Southdown ​Truck & Crane​ transported some of the 100,000 pieces of flint from Sussex to the Rothschild estate in​ Buckinghamshire​.

Once there, master craftsmen sorted it by hand graduating it from smooth-light coloured​ sections (top left) through to rough – dark coloured stones (bottom right)… a real labour of love and detail!

Flint House, designed by architects Skene Catling De La Pena, has been revealed as House Of the Year in the Royal Institute of British Architects Awards.

The 2015 jury consist of:

  • Jonathan Manser, Chair, Manser Practice;
  • Mary Duggan, Duggan Morris Architects;
  • Chris Loyn, Loyn & Co, 2014 Manser Medal winner;
  • James Standen, Hiscox and Tony Chapman, RIBA Head of Awards.

The announcement was made on Grand Designs: House of the Year. Commissioned by Lord Rothschild for the use of his family, the wedge shaped 6,200sq ft house in Buckinghamshire was constructed using masonry and flint cladding.

The building was selected from a seven-strong shortlist, revealed over the course of the House of the Year TV series.

The award celebrates the work of architects who pursue the highest standard of design to create cutting edge homes.