2.4m x 2.1m x 40mm C/W Sally Lifter (Bridging Plates)

2.4m x 2.1m x 40mm C/W Sally Lifter (Bridging Plates)

Typical applications:

  • Massive base for temporary structures
  • Bridging very heavy load combinations across sensitive areas
  • Used as pads to bear heavy crane/piling rig/concrete pump jack loads
  • To make safe open excavations such as inspection chambers, bell pits or utilities junctions
  • Load bearing capacities of many hundreds of tonnes subject to application.
  • Suitable for passing over with tracked vehicles,
  • As with all roadplates/crossing plates, the loadings for whatever passes over them will be transferred to the areas bearing the edges of the plate. Adequate measures to shore the underlying excavations should be taken

Mass: 1,600 kgs

Mechanical handling: Yes. Either SALLY or suitable large forklift..

Anti skid: Nil, but weathered natural steel or painted.

Securing method: *Available with counterbored holes for M18 ANKERBOLTS or similar

Specification sheet

Case study: Cargo Tunnel LHR