Barriers and Fencing Hire


Our years of experience have shown us that few things contribute more to on site safety and efficiency than the ability to keep different areas of access and working operations separate. That’s why we carry a range of options to suit all sites and arenas.

Roadbloc (Water filled)

Need to deploy a barrier in traffic quickly with no mechanical handling? Roadbloc it! Typical installations include: Between vehicle steams Between vehicular movements and working and/or pedestrian areas

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Pedestrian Friendly Concrete Barriers

Designed for use in areas where people have regular access they have a clear and clean profile. But at 1,600 kgs these are a robust item, suitable for both temporary permanent installations.

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Titan Barriers

The Titan™ is the recognised and well established stacking barrier. It has all the usual advantages of standard stackable systems but in addition has many unique features. Titan™ has undergone modifications to further improve longevity and to meet the …

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Water filled 1m blocks

Weighing just 90 kgs when empty and 1.1 tonnes when full, these palletised IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) units have a number of uses. Including: On site water supply for construction works ie concrete preparation. Ballast /or anchorages for instal …

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Heras Fencing

This well known system offers a huge range of options. We keep our hire stock in top condition and offer the following: The heavy dut, round topped, anti climb versions. High visibility feet Standard hex nut or anti tamper security type clips *We also …

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TVCB (Temporary Vehicle Control Barrier)

Where a no nonsense, semi permanent obstruction is required, 2.5 tonnes of steel reinforced concrete takes some beating. With the ability to connect them together with high tensile bolts they really are tougher than a brick wall. Mass apx. 2,500 kgs. T …

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