Road Plate Hire


We have the worlds most comprehensive range of road plates, crossing plates and trench plates available for rental on a long or short term basis. As well as being market leaders our hire rates are extremely competitive.

Our in house inspection and regeneration facilities mean that our equipment is always in proper order. Items that require attention such as plate straightening or recoating with anti-skid coatings are removed from returning stock & rectified before issuing for use.

We can deliver anywhere in the U.K with our own fleet of crane lorries, including within the Tfl low emission zone (LEZ). Wherever road plates are needed, they can be deployed.

Anti Skid

Road plates and foot path plates (also known as checker plates or durbar plates) that are to be used in public areas and roads must have a skid resistant feature. Our half inch (12 mm), three quarter inch (20 mm) and inch (25 mm) thick plates have all …

Safe Handling

All of our products should be handled by personnel who have had the correct HandS knowledge, manual or mechanical handling training. In addition, the correct, certified lifting equipment should be used. In the case of roadplates, we suggest you take a …

Airside – Safelift (BAA)

We are sole manufacturers worldwide combining all of the following technologies to create the unique Airside-Safelift range.

Pedestrian/Footway Boards

Where areas of work impinge on footpaths and pedestrian areas it can be a challenge to keep them controlled and safe. We continue to expand our range of lightweight but tough solutions to these problems. Pedestrian/Footway Boards (Grp) 1.1m x 1.0m Comp …

Ramps and Chutes

A range of equipment for getting people, vehicles and equipment from one level to another. Kerb Ramp (Safekerb Ramp) 0.60m x 1.670m Complies and exceeds the ‘Wheel Chair Boarding Ramp Specification’, the ‘Safety at Street works, Code of Practice’ and t …

Bare/Plain Steel Crossing Plates (Smooth Tops)

Skating, rolling and moving large and very heavy loads is always a challenge. Unmade or unquantified ground conditions can make it even more so.

Super Heavy Duty Range

If you need massive loads on the move our team have a range of super heavy duty plates. If the plate you require doesn’t yet exist, the chances are will make it for you.

Turf Mats and Ground Protection Mats

Whether it be palatial gardens, a hallowed sports arena or a residential street ,the importance of keeping our green pleasant areas intact has never been more pressing. The cost of reinstatement works coupled with the friction caused by spoiling lawns …

Custom Made Plates

At our 1,200 sq/m production facilities in Sussex we perform all of the following processes: Conception and design Plasma, gas and profile cutting Blasting and surface preparation Friction coatings application Welding and fabrication Machining, tapping …