Pedestrian/Footway Boards


Where areas of work impinge on footpaths and pedestrian areas it can be a challenge to keep them controlled and safe. We continue to expand our range of lightweight but tough solutions to these problems.

Pedestrian/Footway Boards (Grp) 1.1m x 1.0m

Compliant with the UK’s DETR Safety at Streetworks and Roadworks Code of Practice. Tapering bevelled edges designed for covering excavations in footpaths, pavements & pedestrianised areas. Traversing with cars, over small excavations in footpaths, pavements & private driveways.

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Pedestrian/Footway Boards (Low Pro) 1,125mm x 1,125mm

Conforms to National Grid Footway Board Specification T/SP/E/42. Rubber trip prevention edging strip takes up any cambers in the pavement thus greatly reducing trip hazard for pedestrians. Ideal for covering excavations in footpaths, pavements & pedestrianised areas.

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1.25m x 1.25m x 6mm (4ft x 4ft x 1/4 inch) Checker – Steel

Typical applications: Footpaths, pavements and private driveways To cover trench up to 250 mm wide, where pedestrian and/or cars will cross Not suitable for use on the public highway except at very low speeds Not suitable for traversing with tracked ve …

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Walkovers (Rubber)

Perfect for traversing pedestrian traffic over grass and unmade ground,. The 1,200 x 700 dimension with the anti slip textured surface mean that they stay where they are placed, even on slopes and cambers. They also have a linking function on all 4 sid …

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