Safe Handling


All of our products should be handled by personnel who have had the correct HandS knowledge, manual or mechanical handling training.

In addition, the correct, certified lifting equipment should be used.

In the case of roadplates, we suggest you take a look at our excellent SALLY safelifters.

Container lifting links

For containers and storage units we use specially designed container lifting links that mean drivers never have to climb on top of units giving us a much safer system of work. Using long chains the driver can safely lift and load units without ever hav …

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Sally Lifters

S.A.L.L.Y (Swivel acting lock and lift yolks) We are the sole UK importer of the CE marked and patented SALLY SAFELIFT system. It is by far the quickest, simplest and safest way of lifting roadplates available in the world today. They have a Safe Worki …

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