Turf Mats and Ground Protection Mats


Whether it be palatial gardens, a hallowed sports arena or a residential street ,the importance of keeping our green pleasant areas intact has never been more pressing. The cost of reinstatement works coupled with the friction caused by spoiling lawns and verges means that protecting the ground is by far the more cost effective option. The surge in outdoor events has also lead to the innovative solutions that are noted below.

3m x 1m x 70mm Ekki/Wooden Mats

Durable hardwood sections, through bolted with high tensile bolts. Typical installations: Used as raft mats/bog mats and crane mats in bad ground such as bridge sites and pond dredging Ideal for traversing beaches or sand dunes with vehicles and plant …

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Wooden Railway Sleepers

We have hundreds of good quality railway sleepers in stock. Thousands of uses across a range of industries including: Ground retention and damming Packing and chocking loads and structures Ballast Bridging Landscaping and parks Ex Railway Sleepers Dime …

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GPRM – Ground Mats

Our bespoke clamp plate system means they can be bolted together into solid rafts to prevent slippage or moving out of position. Material: Manufactured from high-quality recycled HMPE plastic and able to withstand wheel pressures of up to 3500kg per wh …

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3m x 1m Polypropelene

Lightweight plastic or polymer mats made with a special non slip compound are an ideal way to get access for machinery and heavy transport over sensitive areas without resorting to expensive temporary roads or aluminium track way. Ground Mats also make …

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