Welfare (Groundhogs)


The Health & Safety Executives CDM (Construction, Design and Management Regulations) apply to most common building, civil engineering and engineering construction work.

You MUST notify HSE of the site if the construction work is expected to either:

  • last longer than 30 days; or
  • involve more than 500 person days of construction work;

One of the requirements for these projects is on site welfare facilities including:

  • WC and washing facilities
  • Seating and rest areas complete with heating in cold weather

Our mobile towable welfare units offer:

  • Rapid deployment to roadside & sites without HIAB transport
  • They conform and exceed all the HSE requirements
  • Diesel generators to power to remote locations
  • Secure overnight storage for hand held equipment, I.T and documentation
  • Decent workman like rest areas with warm  water & basic cooking functions

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