Hydraulic lorry loading cranes, sometimes known as HIAB’s after one of the pioneering manufacturers, represent an excellent aid to modern industry and construction. As modular construction increases to aid quicker and safer building methods our truck loading cranes play a key role in the success of this method. New challenges such as wind turbines benefit from the delivery and erection capacities of these truck mounted cranes. Delivering and positioning with the same vehicles keeps costs down, avoids expensive crane hire and saves space on site. So whether you are a multinational with a craning project or a self builder with a tricky delivery on site Southdown Engineers Ltd have a solution.

LEZ Compliant

Our fleet can deliver and collect in London

3.5 tonne drop side c/w HIAB

Carrying up to 5 standard 8×4 x ½ (2.5 x 1.25 x 12mm) plates, we keep one available for rapid despatch.

Quick and nimble they get through the urban sprawl with ease.

Artic c/w HIAB

Delivering up the 24 tonnes with an extending trailer out to 20 m with the ability to self off load and place.

We also operate short (30 ft) trailers for sites with tricky access and low loader trailers with winches.

Rigid 6×2 c/w HIAB

Making up the bulk of our current fleet they haul 12 tonnes plus and self load/off load.

Rigid 8×4 c/w HIAB

Capacities up to 14.5 tonnes with crane capacities of up to 36 t/m and remote controls.

Rigid 8×2 + HIAB c/w 3 axle drag trailer

With a GTW of 44 tonnes and the ability to lift and carry 2 x loaded containers with the rear mounted 50 t/m cranes they are a solution to heavy weight problems.

4×4 HIAB

If the going is soft or access is super tight our 12 tonne Mercedes 4×4 is the key. If this can’t get you there, it probably isn’t worth going..


Built as a special modification by us, this truck has a 4 m flat body, a 27 t/m crane extending to 14.5 m with remote controls takes up no more space than a skip wagon.

It is an invaluable vehicle to have at our disposal.

Coil trailers

To support the utilities sector we operate a range of non mechanical plant. Including 180 coil trailers, pulled either by us or by your own vehicles.

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