Acrow Props (Big foot)


Acrow props are commonly used in the construction industry by builders and scaffolders to form load bearings under compression. Their tubular steel construction with a square edged thread and variable position pin locking system that means that can be used at variable lengths within their working stroke.

0 1.04 m. 1.83 m 3 ft 5 in
1 1.75 m 3.12 m 5 ft 9 in
2 1.90 m 3.35 m 6 ft 7 in
3 2.59 m 3.96 m 8 ft 6 in


Outer Tube Dia: 60.3mm
Inner Tube Dia: 48.3mm
Base Plate: 150x150x6mm
Head Plate: 150x150x6mm
Finish: Painted
Tested to: BS4074 / BS5507


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