Trench Struts (Small foot)


Trench struts are commonly used to shore excavations under compression. Their tubular steel construction with a square edged thread and variable position pin locking system that means that can be used at variable lengths within their working stroke. The clawed head makes them particularly suitable for work in a horizontal axis and in conjunction with timber bearers.

0 0.32 m. 0.47 m 1 ft 0 in
1 0.49 m 0.73 m 1 ft 6 in
2 0.69 m 1.09 m 2 ft 4 in
3 1.03 m 1.73 m 3 ft 4 in


Outer Tube Dia: 60.3mm
Inner Tube Dia: 48.3mm
Base Plate: Clawed 75 x 75 x6 mm
Head Plate: Clawed 75 x 75 x6 mm
Finish: Painted


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