In House Design and Manufacture

In House Design and Manufacture

We continue to be a ‘go-to’ knowledge base for non-mechanical plant design, implementation and innovation.

Our involvement in environments as varied as archaeological digs, music events, production clean rooms, secure zones through to large scale demolition sites and some of the busiest ports in the world have bought us into the full spectrum of stakeholders and special interest groups. Having the capability to deliver everything we produce not only simplifies the supply chain, but gives us the opportunity to tailor the whole project and make it a single turnkey operation.

We’ve already worked alongside the likes of Transport Research Laboratories (TRL), Transport for London (Tfl) and the Airport Authorities, addressing each of their very specific needs with workable solutions.

At our 1,600 sq/m production facilities in Sussex we perform all of the following processes:

  • Conception and design
  • Plasma, gas and profile cutting
  • Blasting and surface preparation
  • Friction coatings application
  • Welding, alterations and fabrication
  • Turning, milling and grinding
  • Machining, tapping and allied engineering processes
  • Paint and coatings application
  • In the field and controlled testing

Whatever your non-mechanical plant needs, we will make them real!