A peaceful resolution – Former Kodak building, Reading


A peaceful resolution - Former Kodak building, Reading

Using: Articulated Units c/w HIAB (Lorry Loading Cranes)

Just as the large site formerly home to Kodak was being prepared for demolition in order to be redeveloped, an armada of marauding caravans arrived and occupied the recently cleared out areas.

Quick action was required before too much of the accompanying mess was generated. It was calculated that to isolate and secure the perimeter approximately 250 tonnes of reinforced concrete TVCB’s would be needed.

Whilst the paperwork and resources were mustered to move the intruders on, the work of surrounding the unaffected parts of the site had to begin. It was important for the safety of all concerned that the business of blocking out the site be in no doubt. And when 2 of our Artic’ hiabs with trailers full of solid concrete arrived and began efficiently unloading in strategic spots around the site, it left no one in any doubt that this was happening and it was happening now.

This lack of confusion for all parties concerned, made the process of safely clearing the site that much quicker and simpler.