The roads in and around our workshops, yards and factory are extremely busy thoroughfares. Vehicles of every size and type are moving materials at all hours of the day and night. A problem developed in the concrete section right outside our offices, as the concrete began to break up. Obviously, we sought to address the problem with a roadplate, but the uneven nature of the break up made any plate laid over it ‘rock’ and ‘bang’ every time it was driven over and drove the admin’ team crackers.

We had some prototype AADEPT units ready for testing, and when installed the ‘deflection zone’ feature meant the plate was raised clear of the break up, so that plate sat snugly on the deck, rock free and quiet. In fact it also meant we could us a 30 mm thickness plate with square edges and not worry about the corners because the AADEPT’s smoothed the transitions even at higher speeds.