Demolition Grade Plates

Demolition Grade Plates

Modern demolition methods often call for for areas within the zone of operations to be protected for the activities of falling masonry and structures and heavy plant. Most hirers refuse to let their roadplate equipment be used for this purpose because of the very real risk of them being damaged and/or bent.

Similarly, grouser and cleated tracked machines and High Reach Demolition Excavators also have the potential to very quickly ruin pristine flat plates.

At roadplatehire we always have a quantity of not quite perfectly flat plates for just this kind of work.*

We'll lay plates where angels fear to tread!

Typical applications:

  • Can be used for covering hardened or unmade ground such as playing fields and lawns areas, zones where subterranean conditions are undetermined or sensitive required to support of massive loads, for heavier traffic such as trucks, cranes and machinery
  • Areas to be affected by the detonation of explosives and or pyrotechnics
  • Base for temporary structures
  • To protect areas where collapsing brickwork, concrete or masonry will be landed on

Mass: Various

Mechanical handling: Various

SALLY Only: Various

Anti skid: Various

Securing method: Various

*Obviously should the plates not be returned or are completely beyond any use then there may be a charge.

Specification sheet

Case study: Big Bang at Battersea