A bit of a do, without the doo doo…


A bit of a do, without the doo doo…

Using: Walkovers

Everybody likes an event. There’s nothing finer than a garden party or a BBQ with a few friends. But the inclement British weather can turn you lush green lawn into a scene akin to trench warfare. given a half inch of rain, blended with few dozen pairs of brogues or kitten heels

So why not do as we do and save yourself a quagmire and get some Walkovers installed on areas that will be sensitive to shoe damage?

They’re easy to install and much better value than a re-turfing. And if you want to keep your revellers away from the shag pile indoors, don’t forget we also have portable W.C units to hire.

That way, after the event, we come and take it all away and leave you with good memories of happy times.