Cargo Tunnel LHR


(Using 2.4m x 2.1m x 40mm C/W Sally Lifter – Bridging Plates)

London Heathrow Airport has one of the busiest air cargo operations in the world, handling in excess of 2.3 million tonnes a year. The vast majority of which moves through a handful of cargo service tunnels. Closing these for any length of time, even for urgent maintenance works, was not an option for our client (unnamed for security reasons).

For this one, some precision work was required, as well as a good deal of logistical choreography.

In order for the huge weight of traffic to flow some heavy duty 40 mm thickness units were needed. But more importantly, each one of the 5 units, weighing 1.547 tonnes, had to be precision made for a ‘jig-saw’ fit. Each with its own specific set of reinforcing stringers and bolts holes.

Christmas 2011 was nearly upon us, and they were all required in a fortnights time. The accurate measurements required for the fabrication hadn’t been taken yet, let alone proper drawings been commissioned!

But there was even more of a sting in the tail. They were scheduled for just a 2 week hire period. We believe that any other road plate hire company would have baulked at such circumstances. Not us!

Work began immediately. As and when the data came through our fabrication and profiling crew made it real in steel.

As it transpired, due to other issues on site, the units were in service for 8 weeks. They performed their task perfectly. We were asked by the client if the premium rate charged for the express service and the extremely short hire period could be ameliorated for the extended time frame. This we obliged with and we look forward to working with them again in the future.