Concorde – London Heathrow


Concorde – London Heathrow

Using: 7.5m x 3m x 25mm AIR SIDE – Steel C/W Bevelled Edge and SALLY Airside

During a period of exceptionally high winds, the relatively complete version of Concorde on the apron at LHR was actually trying to take off!

Having had the mighty Olympus engines and a good deal of the engineering kit removed, it was now extremely light. This, coupled with its breath-takingly efficient fuselage and aerodynamic design meant that when the wind speed was sufficient, it would generate lift to the point that Concorde was nearly flying again!

To keep it safe and dignified, a quantity of massive 7.50 m roadplates were carefully positioned underneath, with one of original 8×2 + VL -LLC’s, so that provision could be made to hold it down fast using the plates at both platforms and ballast.