Mains water re-routing – The Shard, London


Mains water re-routing - The Shard, London

Using: Modular GRP Plates

Like a lot of the bigger developments in urban job sites of recent years, The Shard was no exception when it came to pushing the boundaries. Even relatively simple tasks like installing roadplates to protect services or open trenches was complicated by the sheer complexity of the existing underground infrastructure and restrictive and congested working areas that rendered normal jobs involving mechanical handling, quite impossible.

In fact it is often said that once the construction phase gets out of the ground and heads for the sky, the most complicated and unpredictable bit is done with.

Fortunately for our customers, we keep a careful eye on new developments and techniques and if we consider a product worthwhile we have no hesitation in adding them to our fleet.

So when a lightweight and high performance system to bridge a water main trench, deep in the bowels of the underground area was required, we were able to deliver the Modular GRP System which worked well in this challenging environment.