Mum’s and push chairs – An access challenge


Mum's and push chairs - An access challenge

Using: Walkovers

Tough time constraints and ever more restrictive budgets rule out some of the traditional temporary works options. Like when a local sports centre embarked on some minor external alterations to make way for a new ‘soft-play’ area inside.

As you might imagine, the local parents were fully supportive of the scheme as a whole, but the prospect of either negotiating a muddy area directly adjacent to the works, or a detour to avoid it of several hundred metres in the middle of winter and away from a direct route to the local Primary School wasn’t going to be tolerated.

In the past, there may have been budget to lay a pathway around the other side of the complex, alongside the local playing fields, in something like Type 1 limestone. But there was no budget for either the installation and subsequent removal of such a temporary route.

Walkovers provided the perfect solution, providing a safe footway 1.20 m wide making it wide enough for pushchairs and wheelchairs alike. Also, during one phase when a crane had to be moved into position, the Walkovers were quickly lifted, and reinstalled after that lift.