No room at the Inn? – A tale of 2 trades.


Using: Secure Site Store – 8ft x 5ft

Pub refits are very often a high pressure activity, because every day or night they’re not open for refreshment, the precious clientele can slip away, with the risk they may never return. This can put considerable strain on the project. Add that a case where there is virtually no space to store materials and equipment on site, and you have 2 completely different disciplines working alongside one another, and you have some potential trouble brewing.

The brewery had booked the same weeks slot for some carpenters fitting out a new bar and serving area, at the same time as a crew of electricians were upgrading the lighting and installing a high tech sound system. The normal sized spot/parking bay for a small on site store had been allocated, but 2 different stores were required.

Luckily we had a couple of our immensely popular 8ft x 5ft mini stores. Sited back to back, they provided a neat and stress free solution.