Police Station – London U.K


Police Station - London U.K


The price of London office/storage space meant our client used their imagination and opted to turn an otherwise wasted outdoor area into the site for a couple 20 foot ISO stores for some long term storage.

Access to the chosen drop zone was complicated by the fact that only one lane of the main road that couldn’t be closed even with a midnight time slot, meaning siting the big crane on the footway in and around various subterranean issues, plus a lane closure from TFL and Traffic Management had to be organised. Using the Waggon and Drag combination meant we could ship in 2 units in one go and less vehicles on site.

The pictures demonstrate well both the large lorry loading crane and the container lifters in action – thus saving men having to leave the safety of the ground to connect and disconnect lifting tackle. Plus of course it showcased the skills of our operators on this job requiring millimetre perfect positioning. It’s just a shame there was virtually no one there to watch !

Needless to say, apart from being a ffffreezing night temperatures, it went without a hitch well within the 2 hour window we were given.