Royal Mail Logistics – Daventry


Royal Mail Logistics - Daventry

Using: Heavy duty – SERIES 38 – Steel C/W Bevelled Edge and SALLY

A last minute and unforeseen change on a major civil project at the Royal Mail logistics centre in Daventry left a potential new client with a really big problem. How to arrange that during the day, crews could carry out substantive remedial action including the relaying of surface drainage and concrete renewal on a quarter kilometre section of a loading dock, whilst at night, have the very same area attended by dozens if not hundreds of 44t GVW artics .

The solution had to meet the following criteria;

  • The bridge a 2.20m void with 11.5t plus axle weights
  • Any potential deflection when being crossed must not allow the plate to touch the newly laid drain system underneath
  • The entire 110 m long run had to removed and relaid every day and night over many months, meaning that a quick and safe handling method was crucial
  • The sections to be plated would from time time need to be varied. So irregular sections were called for.
  • The whole 125 tonne scheme was required to be conceived, designed, made and delivered in a little over 2 weeks

The design and production teams swung into action and came up with SERIES 38. Also for this project some 10 mm thick ‘deflection shims’ were added to the toe and heel of the plates to mitigate any possible contact with the fresh new drain run underneath.

The the project SERIES 38 has completed its tour of duty, its superior duties and indexable elements make it a fantastic addition to our core hire fleet.