Taking each day, one ‘sheet’ at a time…


Taking each day, one ‘sheet’ at a time...

Using: Portable WC Units

Everybody likes a party right? Get a few people round, maybe light the barbie, maybe it rains or the ground is a bit muddy and hey presto, your hall carpet is ruined and lavatory is trashed by an endless stream of friends and neighbours traipsing through your home to answer their calls of nature.

So why not do as I do and save yourself a carpet cleaning bill and/or a row with your life partner and get one of our portable W.C units dropped in?

They’re clean, tidy and self contained. With their own supply of loo roll and either antiseptic gel or hot water handwash facilities. We also have disabled access W.C units to hire.

And if you’re worried about your lawn taking a pounding, why not have a few Walkovers to go with it?

That way, after the event, we come and take it all away and leave you with nothing but happy memories of a good time had by all.