Working with Horsham District Council – Recycling centre and car park surface


2.5m x 1.25m x 25mm (8ft x 4ft x 1 inch) – Steel

Horsham District Council had a problem. At a park and ride car park on the outskirts of Horsham town in Sussex an area had been set aside to handle truck mounted ‘roll on – roll off’ recycling and waste bins.

The mass of the units, at around 9 tonnes, meant that the allocated area, despite being fundamentally solid, was proving unsuitable. Due to planning criteria, preventing the area being concreted, tarmacked or made wholly impervious to water, weren’t permitted because it would have reduced the groundwater attenuation rates for the site. The existing surface was of a compacted aggregate type. Whilst excellent for car parks, its granular nature meant the the LGV wheels and particularly the small diameter steel rollers on the bin modules themselves with their inherent point loadings, were churning up the ground and becoming stuck. Either incident or accident were becoming inevitable.

We visited site and assessed the problems. The engineering department drew up a project plan and the key account manager formulated a manageable set of charges that met with the approval of the local authorities tight fiscal requirements. Within days a reinstatement team had been in with excavators and associated equipment and remediated the damaged areas of the original car park. Shortly after that 20 tonnes of 2.5 x 1.25 x 25 mm roadplate units were delivered and installed on site, where they continue perform their task above and beyond our client’s expectations