Liquid engineering…

Posted on 21/01/2022

At the end of a busy year we’re pleased to assist civil engineers of note, J.Murphy & Sons Ltd, realise their solution with a tricky bit of infrastructure..

A section of a road bridge on the busy A1189 at Stratford has culverts underneath the road deck. These culverts have the inglorious but vital duty of carrying millions of gallons of sewage at that end of the metropolis.

Prior inspection had highlighted issues with the cast iron slabs that form the roofs of the 8 foot wide channels, which in turn formed the only support for the road deck.. This resulted in a prohibitive 7.5 t weight limit being imposed on the carriageway.

This situation could only be temporary as
A) The road was a vital route for HGV traffic and
B) The issues with the culverts had to be addressed as soon as possible.

So we and the Murphy’s designers worked up a scheme whereby the use of fabricated bearing strips, running in line with the culverts supporting walls, formed the bridging points for some mighty 3 metre x 3.5 metre S355 roadplates that were designed to carry any likely traffic loadings allowing the full 44 t GVW to be reinstated on the bridge.. Each one of the 30 units supplied had to be made to fine tolerance so they could be bolted to the bearing strips and also so that the spare, pre coated units that were supplied, can be replaced with minimal disruption.

With all of this installed before Christmas 2021, the important restorative work on the culverts can continue into 2022 with no impact of traffic flows and the travelling public being blissfully unaware of hard work going on just below their wheels.

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