AADEPT – Approach And Departure Ramps

AADEPT - Approach And Departure Ramps

New to the industry and only available from RoadPlateHire, our innovative and effective solution the following issues involving the use of roadplates;

  • Used in conjunction with HD steel roadplates they offer smooth transitions at traffic speeds from road deck to plate surfaces, for thicknesses up to 40 mm.
  • They act as a cushion between steel plates and road surfaces and thus prevent ‘rocking’ or ‘clanging’ when the plates are travelled over. Especially helpful in urban and residential areas.
  • The sole plate raises the underside of road plates to give clearance and an allowance for potential elastic deflection. An excellent solution to avoiding contact on areas of fresh or green concrete on areas that need to be trafficked.
  • A fix for when plates need to be removed and replaced in position. For instance, overnight works.
  • As a component part of the range of special equipment we offer that is constantly being developed and improved.

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