Ground Mat Minis (1.0m x 1.5m x 20 HDPE)

Ground Mat Minis (1.0m x 1.5m x 20 HDPE)

Ground Mat Minis (1.0m x 1.5m x 20 HDPE)

Typical applications:

  • Chemical resistant, anti-slip and no rusting or rotting
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to handle in confined spaces.
  • These are the smaller brother of the standard 3.0 x 1.0 m panels. Their size makes them ideal for pallet-line/over night carriage thus significantly reducing deployment costs for smaller jobs.
  • Made from recycled polypropylene polymer material and is therefore ultimately recyclable again.
  • Having a smooth side makes it excellent to lay over decking that’s grilled or textured and walkways or mezzanines to allow smooth transfer of heavy equipment such as boiler room plant and electrical switchgear on rollers or skates across areas that would otherwise be corrugated.
  • Non metallic and resistant to electrical conduction. Useful in high voltage environments.
  • Also used for covering unmade ground such as playing fields and lawns areas for heavier traffic such as trucks, cranes and machinery
  • A base for temporary structures
  • As with all roadplates/crossing plates, the loadings for whatever passes over them will be transferred to the areas bearing the edges of the plate. Adequate measures to shore the underlying structures should be taken
  • NOT suitable for bridging open excavations or voids.

Mass: 56 kgs each

Mechanical handling: Forklift/HIAB for multiples. 2 personnel can move and position unaided if required


Anti skid: Yes. Surface incorporates micro-grit.

Securing method: Clamp plates (2 and 4 way), zip ties or staples.

Specification sheet

Case study: DDK Machine Movers – X Ray machines on Mezzanine – U.K Airport