Ground Mats – 3.0 m x 1.0 m x 20 HDPE

Ground Mats

Typical applications:

  • Chemically resistant, anti-slip with no rusting or rotting
  • Dependant on the existing ground conditions, they will support a 45 tonne lorry
  • Made from recycled polypropylene polymer material .
  • Great for covering and protecting tree roots , potentially sensitive archaeology and subterranean assets.
  • Non metallic and therefore resistant to electrical conduction. A consideration in high voltage job-sites
  • A ‘clean feet’ solution for parties, events and sensitive job sites.
  • Our installation service is available if required.
  • Used for covering unmade ground such as playing fields and lawns areas for heavier traffic such as lorries, cranes and machinery
  • A base or access way for temporary structures
  • Suitable for both vehicles and pedestrian access.
  • Can be connected with our clamp plate system or stapled to ground to improve security and load performance.
  • Suitable for traversing with steel tracked plant up to a certain weight and rubber tracked and tyred vehicles.
  • When used smooth side up they are a very effective for making a barrier between deposited spoil or stock plies, which can then be loaded by a mini digger or grab and tip lorry, leaving the protected surface intact
  • NOT suitable for bridging open excavations or voids.

Mass: 56 kgs each

Mechanical handling: Forklift/HIAB for multiples. 2 personnel can move and position unaided if required


Anti skid: Yes. Surface incorporates micro-grit.

Securing method: Clamp plates (2 and 4 way) or staples.

Specification sheet

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