Heras fencing

Heras fencing

This well known system offers a huge range of options and is an ideal way of separating pedestrians from hazards such as active job sites or restricted areas. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as ‘Harris fencing’ it is also well suited to stream foot traffic in events, outdoor concerts and sporting fixtures.

Our specially designed cages make handling quantities safe and easy, plus they hold enough panels to set out a run with minimal walking by the installation crews.

We keep our hire stock in tiptop condition and offer the following:

  • The heavy duty, round topped, anti climb versions.
  • High visibility feet
  • Standard hex nut or anti tamper security type clips

*We also keep the half HERAS panels in stock for sites where space is tight!*

Mass: 11 kgs per panel and 25 kgs for feet

Handling; By hand when single

Dimensions: L: 3.5 m x H: 2.0m x W: 50 mm

Specification sheet