Pedestrian/Footway Boards (Low Pro) 1,125mm x 1,125mm

Pedestrian/Footway Boards (Low Pro) 1,125mm x 1,125mm

Typical applications:

  • Conforms to National Grid Footway Board Specification T/SP/E/42
  • Rubber trip prevention edging strip takes up unevenness in the pavement thus greatly reducing trip hazard for pedestrians
  • Ideal for covering excavations in footpaths, pavements and pedestrianised areas
  • Lo pro board are ideal traversing with cars, small plant and vans over small excavations in foot paths, trench covers, pavements and private driveways
  • To make temporary paths over unmade ground (e.g foot way diversions and events)
  • Lightweight fibre glass and easy to deploy protection for covering hardened areas (block pave, tarmac and non reinforced concrete) light traffic
  • Not suitable for traversing with tracked vehicles, as their tracks will cause damage to the anti-skid surface if applied directly
  • As with all roadplates/crossing plates, the loadings for whatever passes over them will be transferred to the areas bearing the edges of the plate. Adequate measures to shore the underlying excavations should be taken

Mass: 26 kgs

Anti skid: Textured moulded GRP surface similar to checker or durbar

Securing method: Pins or screws can be used, or rubber gripping edge sections

Specification sheet

Case study: S.E Area Gas main replacement – SGN/SSE