Need to deploy a barrier in traffic quickly with no mechanical handling? Roadbloc it!

Typical installations include:

  • Between vehicle steams
  • Between vehicular movements and working and/or pedestrian areas
  • Unique hinge allows it to form a mini roundabout with just eight units and to bend upwards so that they can stand firm on uneven ground.
  • Can also be stacked very conveniently when not in use in stacks of 20
  • Mini Roundabout – Each barrier can swivel at its connection point up to 45° to enable 8 systems to form a circle.
  • In uneven Terrain Each unit can be tilted at an angle whilst still connected making it ideal for use across uneven terrain.
  • Visibility Reflective strips can be placed to sit within a recessed area on each unit.
  • Option to add 1M high PVC barrier boards supported on 60mm diameter poles for increased visibility.
  • Each Bloc features interlocking feet which allow the units to be stacked efficiently without the risk of them sliding apart, helping prevent pedestrian/worker accidents

Mass: 15 kgs (When full of water)

Handling; By hand when empty

Dimensions: L: 1.0 m x H: 600 mm x W: 500 mm

Specification sheet