Secure Site Store – 20ft x 8ft High Cube – Double Door

Secure Site Store - 20ft x 8ft High Cube - Double Door

Sometimes referred to as a ‘Tunnel’ or ‘Tunnels’ these High Cubic Capacity are a foot or more taller inside than the standard 20 foots they are an excellent choice for contractors working roadside that need to get their 3 tonne excavator and dumper in and secured.

Having double doors, i.e access to each each, makes them a good choice in environments where access is limited and/or is liable to change. For instance in a roadworks/civil engineering project where the ground immediately around it is liable to change state and have materials or structures added or removed during the project. They also avoid the problem of kit always being at the ‘wrong end’ of the store when it’s required.

  • Mortice lock or padlock versions available
  • Superb for sites with limited/changing access
  • Suitable for installation requiring stacking and integrating
  • ISO style corner irons for safe, ground level rigging for lifting
  • The smart solution to the things that are a bit too big for standard stores

Internal dimensions: L: 19 feet 3 inches (5.85m) x W: 7 feet, 7 inches (2.33m) x H: 9 feet (2.75m)

External dimensions: L: 20 feet (6.06m) W: 8 feet (2.44m) H: 9 feet 6 inches (2.89m)

Mass: apx 2,750 kgs

Mechanical handling: ISO style corners for craning or suitable forklift

Specification sheet

Case study: Double door containers – The one in, one out policy