TUFF TRAK ST – 3.00 m x 2.50 m x 38mm (47mm inc texture)

TUFF TRAK ST - 3.00 m x 2.50 m x 38mm (47mm inc texture)

TuffTrak® is a superior heavy duty road mat for temporary roadways and work areas for heavy plant, machinery and multiple vehicles with a weight loading to 150* tonnes, dependent on ground conditions.

Typical applications:

  • UNIQUELY to ‘roadplatehire.co.uk’, our units are fitted with ‘SALLY Safelifter‘ if craning is required
  • Unlike comparable alloy systems, they have a low intrinsic scrap value, meaning that ‘metal theft’ is not an issue.
  • Unique chevron pattern texture give unsurpassed traction when the going gets really tough.
  • Can provide a ‘clean feet’ solution for parties, events and sensitive job sites.
  • Our installation service is available if required.
  • Non metallic and resistant to electrical conduction. Useful in high voltage environments.
  • Suitable for salt water/beach environments being chemically resistant, anti-slip and no rusting or rotting.
  • Made to withstand various loads such as LGV’s, Cranes, Excavators, Forklifts, Fire and Rescue
  • Vehicles, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, cars, cycles, horses/livestock and pedestrian foot traffic
  • Depending on the underlying ground conditions, they will support massive loads of 150+ tonnes.
  • Made from recycled UHMW Polyethylene material and is therefore ultimately recyclable again.
  • Excellent for covering and protecting tree roots , potentially sensitive archaeology and subterranean assets.
  • Can be used in as either a 2.5 metre or 3 metre wide trackways, or connected in the unlimited raft sizes. Bolted together with a clamp system or stapled to ground to improve security and load performance.
  • Excellent solution for temporary and/or semi-permanent roadways on sites and events.
  • NOT suitable for bridging open excavations or voids.

Mass:. 295kg per panel

Mechanical handling: Forklift/HIAB for multiples.


Anti skid: Yes. Heavy Duty cast in chevron relief pattern

Securing method: Clamp plates (2 and 4 way) or staples.

Material: Manufactured from high-quality recycled UHMW Polyethylene

Specification sheet

Case study: Hallowed ground – Keeping it green