Wooden Railway Sleepers

Wooden Railway Sleepers

Good quality railway sleepers have been used for years across a range of industries including:

  • Ground retention and damming
  • Forming access tracks
  • Packing, chocking and blocking loads and structures
  • Ballast function
  • Bridging
  • Landscaping and park installations
  • Note: The nature of the timber treatments on these items may render them unsuitable in certain environments. See section showing ‘NEW Wooden Sleepers’ for a cleaner alternative.

Ex Railway Sleepers

Dimensions: 2600 x 150 x 275

Mass: apx 90 kgs

Mechanical handling: To be slung for craning and suitable forklifting


Anti skid: Natural fibrous texture

Securing method: Can be lashed

Specification sheet

Case study: Bridging the gap – Sleepers in Selsey