The world on a plate…

Posted on 03/12/2021

An industrial client came to us with an urgent problem to solve.

A problem in the supply chain meant that they had been landed with thousands of tonnes of gypsum based boarding material that needed storing for some months whilst it could be dealt with safely.

Ideally, it needed stockpiling on a concrete hardstand – but their factory works was at full capacity and such a large area could not be turned over to such an unproductive use.

They had an area of adjoining grassland that, providing it could be sealed at the base and could be worked on by machinery in a way that could guarantee zero surface damage or risk of contamination, could be allocated temporarily.

A few truck loads later and they had themselves a hard, flat and smooth area 24 metres x 12 metres. Comprising of 16 pieces of our substantial 6m x 3m x 25mm solid steel plates

Using such large panel sizes not only greatly reduced the seams, but because the plates weigh in at over 3.5t each, any tendency for them to rock or move whilst work was ongoing was eliminated.

Some weeks later, the material was carted away and safely processed.

The client scraped the whole area clean and the hardstand was subsequently collected by our transport fleet, leaving the whole job smart and tidy.

The world on a plate...The world on a plate...The world on a plate...