Betting BIG on Black!

Posted on 10/05/2018

In addition to the shiney new website, we’ve been continuing to make some shiney new investments in the excellent 150 tonne* rated TUFF TRAK system.

These are the big sisters of the ever popular ZIGMAT/EUROMAT system.

Having had the foresight to forward order a sizeable quantity back in the dark days of winter when most people were still eating turkey sandwiches, means that that we are poised to make further in-roads (all puns intended), to the busy show season.

The first 200 metres have arrived today with many more to come.

For a quick laying, super heavy duty temporary road system, TUFF TRAK takes some beating. So if you got doubts about taking big loads into ‘terra incognita’ or ground of a fragile nature, get online or pick up the phone and get your own section of tractable polymer super-highway!