A good party begins and ends in the car park


A good party begins and ends in the car park

Using: Ground Mat Minis

We’ve all been there. Washed and polished the car, cleaned and shined the boots and shoes, put on the glad rags and headed off into the country to party at home with Roger and Camellia to celebrate their daughter’s marriage to that Graham chappie. On the way there’s a shower, but you think nothing of it in the full knowledge that they have a nice big horseshoe drive so a quick dash up the steps and you’ll be home and dry.

But no! There in the glare of your headlights, is the dreaded cluster of balloons, hanging in the gloom like an anti-aircraft barrage, with a beautifully crafted, hand drawn sign saying ‘Guest Car Park’ and an arrow pointing at a field gate and out into their neighbours paddock.

Apparently the thoughtless wotsits want the driveway free so they can get nice pictures of the blushing bride and groom arriving at the house in a vintage Rolls belonging to that dreadful arse David, and so instead are willing to make you and your partner, along with the rest of their hapless guests, slip, slide and wobble across the pony poached landscape, desperately clinging to one another and the box containing the crystal champagne flutes you purchased a great cost as a gift for the ‘little darlings’.

When you finally arrive at the door, you’re damp, agitated and look from the knees down like you’ve been mud wrestling. You then spend the next few hours watching more rain come down in the full knowledge that if you do get stuck, that wretched Steve from Sales will be pulling you out with his Range Rover Sport and will never, ever let you hear the last of it.

So, if you are having a party and using a green space or lawn as a parking area, don’t be Roger and Camellia…Get some decent ground protection for a proper temporary car park!