Cornish groundworks – A delivery too far?!


Cornish groundworks - A delivery too far?!

Using: Ground Mat Minis

Very often, people need our help with products like Ground Mat that either need too few or are too far away for us to be able to offer a cost effective collection or delivery function using our own fleet.

We had looked at 1 or 2 day pallet-freight type deliveries, but usually they were either expensive or unreliable, mainly due to the ‘double pallet’ size of most of our panel offerings.

After too many apologies to prospective customers and a bit of consultation with our external carriage providers we came up with the GroundMat Minis. Basically the same high performance HDPE panels, but in a compact half length version.

This meant we could offer Mrs Campbell of Cornwall the material she needed to finish the works on her farm near Truro, but get them to and from site at an affordable rate.

Better still they are even fully compatible with their bigger brothers, meaning if a tricky layout is required, or if a bigger project is ordered ‘short quantity’, we can send more units without adding punitive transport costs.