Sally Safelifters


We are prevalent in technology relating to road plates, their handling and their uses. Our researchers are always looking for the best solutions. That is how we maintain our status as ‘state of the art’.

Over the years we’ve tried different ways of suspending and lifting plates of all sizes on site. Up until the SALLY, every one has always had their draw backs.

  • The previous industry standard method of chain holes in the corners is time consuming, causes weakness in the corner area and is no more than satisfactory at best.
  • Threaded lifting eyes and the associated hardware are very laborious and are prone to thread damage or dirt. They are ill suited to the rigours of life on site.
  • Magnets and suction lifters are in our opinion hazardous for use on site. Their performance is particularly prone to dirt, interference from coatings such as anti-skid and surface deviation. This is coupled with their inherent complexity and requirement for powered use and specialist test and inspection means that we consider them wholly unsuitable for any other environment than factory or production scenarios where control measures can be implemented.

SALLY has none of these issues.

  • They are ultra simple to use, reliable and cost effective
  • Rated up the 4 t SWL. During destruction testing whilst being prepared for CE marking our testing laboratory achieved breaking loads of between 21.4 and 25 tonnes.
  • Remember they are only available directly in the UK from RoadPlateHire

Everyone who has used them, loves them…

“We will be using plates like this, with the Ti-Carb anti-slip and the SALLY lifters, the only kind of plate to be used on BAA sites because we will incorporate into the safe standards of work…well done RoadPlateHire…” A.Fernandez, Works Manager, Ferrovial Agroman. LondonHeathrowAirport, reporting on the AIRSIDE-SAFELIFT plates, all fitted with SALLY

“… our guys say the SALLY is much better and faster way of handling road plates…”. J.Hallom. Engineer, Dyer and Butler, after using SALLY at LondonGatwickAirport

Very soon, all road plates will be made this way…

Specification sheet