Hythe tide!

Posted on 26/10/2020

‘Time and tide wait for no man…’

St. Marher 1225 AD

So, even in the grip of a global pandemic the ceaseless task of stabilising the beaches and shingle banks around our coastline must continue.

Fortunately, for the people charged with actually doing the work, technology has moved on a bit since the 13th Century, when ox carts and peasant labourers were the bulk carriers of choice.

Nowadays huge excavators shovel sand and aggregate into 6 wheel drive dump trucks 5 tonnes at a time, that when fully freighted, weigh in at 60 tonnes plus.

The downside of all this titanic ironmongery is that as soon as they come off a section of mobile beach and into areas where either there’s a paved road, or a zone that relies on plant roots and grasses to keep it from moving, the massive wheel loads need mitigation.

As was the case at Hythe in Kent where Mackley Construction had this very problem.

Over 2 days 100 tonnes of 3m x 1.5m x 25mm PLATES  where delivered and installed by our dedicated team of Heavy lift HIAB and Low Loaders… solving the problem and keeping the project in motion…

Hythe tide!Hythe tide!Hythe tide!Hythe tide!Hythe tide!