‘Inside out – Round and round!’ – Britvic Beverages – Rugby

Posted on 21/02/2018

Working with accelerated timeframes…

09.00 hrs – Call from brand new client – Requiring 2 x 26 metres runs of super heavy duty plates in a non-standard size.

10.00 hrs – Specification sorted

11.00 hrs – Stock checked and administration underway

12.00 hrs – Order received and load manifest prepared. Transport secured.

13.30 hrs – Business transacted. Transport positioned for loading.

18.00 hrs – 2 x artics loaded with 50+ tonnes of itemised SERIES 38 steel plates

05.00 hrs – 2 trucks leave from our Southern Depot, heading North.

08.30 hrs – First truck arrives on site a Britvic’s new facility in Rugby

11.00 hrs – Off loads complete. Clients team already well on with laying them out to run the tower crane on.

The automated pallet handling infrastructure  is so large and integral to the facility, that the most efficient way to construct it is from the inside out. Once it is complete, the work of constructing the building will be completed around it.

Our SERIES 38 plates have been installed to allow the on site tower crane to run through the project and assemble the towering 30 metre high rack systems without overloading the concrete slab.