Heavy duty – SERIES 38 – Steel C/W Bevelled Edge Road Plates and SALLY

Heavy duty - SERIES 38 – Steel C/W Bevelled Edge Road Plates and SALLY

Typical applications:

  • In 38 mm thickness of S355 equivalent steel, this is one of the thickest and highest performing crossing plate ranges available.
  • Can be deployed on streets and highways, but more suitable for larger industrial/airport/dockside environments.
  • Bevelled/chamfered edges on 2 sides, and square edged on the other so that the remaining edges can give a clear and clean abutted joint that enables the formation of a continuous runway 3.50 m wide and any combination of lengths.
  • To traverse excavations or voids up to 2,100 mm wide, for full blown 44 t GVW artics with minimal deflection.
  • Can used for covering hardened or unmade ground such as playing fields and lawns areas for the heaviest conceivable loads.
  • Solid and massive base for temporary structures such as generators, pumps or larger thrust boring machinery
  • To make safe larger open excavations such as inspection pits, bell chambers or utilities service junctions.
  • Not suitable for traversing with steel tracked vehicles, as their tracks will cause damage to the anti-skid surface if applied directly. (See our bare steel range).
  • As with all roadplates/crossing plates, the loadings for whatever passes over them will be transferred to the areas bearing the edges of the plate. Adequate measures to shore the underlying excavations should be taken
  • ALL panels ‘X’ 3.50 m wide and in lengths ‘Y’ from 1.60 m to 3.00 m thus giving us a range of options to key in for specific kerb width scenarios encountered in loading docks, factory access and security gate/blocker installs.

Size of units in this range

Length (m) Width (m) Mass (kgs)
3.5 1.46 1524
3.5 1.60 1670
3.5 2.00 2088
3.5 2.32 2422
3.5 2.40 2506
3.5 2.45 2558
3.5 2.46 2568
3.5 2.47 2579
3.5 2.58 2694
3.5 2.76 2882
3.5 2.97 3101
3.5 2.98 3111
3.5 3.00 3132
  • Individually serial numbered for tracking purposes.

Mass: 1,000 kgs per linear metre in ‘Y’

Mechanical handling: Yes. Using suitable crane etc via SALLY lifting point

SALLY Only: Yes

Anti skid: Resin encapsulated aggregate.

Securing method: Precision drilled and counterbored for M18 ANKERBOLTS or similar

Specification sheet

Case study: Barriers and blockers – Various sites U.K