Posted on 13/06/2018

PHB Contractors have been doing some reinforced concrete works in the area right outside our West Sussex transport depot.

Due to its position, the forward corner of the new concrete had to be trafficked with LGV’s hours after it had been poured and way before it had cured. Even with aid of accelerating agents in the concrete blend it was never going to be sufficiently dry.

So this little multifaceted solution was installed:

  • A 6m x 3m x 25mm to give good coverage;
  • Some 12mm thick HDPE ZIGMATS were used as deflection spacers so that, although the plate could only be supported on 3 sides, even when driven over with artic’ bulkers or low loaders, it would give clearance for the steel to bow and flex fractionally without the risk of it touching the fresh surface underneath;
  • AADEPT’s on traffic facing leading edges. Preventing the turning vehicles ‘shunting’ the plate and stopping the risk of tyre damage too.

All in all a clever bit of installation that saved a world of grief on the Monday morning when dozens of vehicles had to enter and leave the live site!