5m x 1m x 100mm Ekki/Wooden Mats

5m x 1m x 100mm Ekki/Wooden Mats

Durable hardwood sections, through bolted with high tensile steel bolts used extensively in construction for many years..

Typical applications:

  • For traversing beaches or sand dunes with vehicles and plant
  • Can be installed in multiples and are a tried and tested method of stabilising larger areas for crane rafts/crane mats
  • Our installation service is available if required.
  • A natural buoyancy makes them ideally suited for use as raft mats/bog mats in poor ground conditions such as bridge sites and pond dredging projects
  • The fibrous nature of the timber sections gives the surface good purchase and traction features.
  • Even in atrocious underlying ground conditions, they can support very large loads over affected areas
  • Used for protecting tree roots, surfaces with weight limits such as quayside, potentially sensitive archaeology and subterranean assets where large vehicles and plant are travelling in the vicinity
  • Often used for covering unmade ground such as playing fields and lawns areas for very heavy vehicle loadings
  • A stable, semi-buoyant base for temporary structures and compounds
  • Suitable for both vehicle and pedestrian access.
  • Suitable for traversing with tracked or rubber-tyred vehicles.
  • Suitable for bridging limited open excavations or voids for limited vehicle and pedestrian access.

Mass: 450 kgs each (dry)

Mechanical handling: The construction facilitates to use of crane hooks, or suitable forklifting


Anti skid: Natural fibrous texture

Securing method: Can be lashed or stapled

Specification sheet

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