Wind and weather – EKKI mats in the thick of it


Wind and weather - EKKI mats in the thick of it

Using: 5m x 1m x 100mm Ekki/Wooden Mats

When it comes to temporary access for large plant and machinery, which must then be returned to pristine agricultural land, few ventures give rise to the challenges given by cross country runs of underground infrastructure such as water, gas and power mains.

With an appalling run of unseasonably bad weather, the Rampion offshore power and fibre optic feed that runs from Worthing, then some 17 miles over hill, river and weald was certainly no exception. Multiple accesses at over a dozen road crossings had to be provided with the minimal of permanent groundworks. Then, many hundreds of metres of trackway, proving access for drum./tractor/trailer combinations of nearly 30 tonnes had to kept open for many months, right through the winter and using a cost effective method.

Hundreds of EKKI mats were hauled in by us and the combination of their rugged simplicity and tough timber construction made them ideal for this task.