7.5m x 3m x 25mm Anti Skid Crossing/Pit Cover Plates – Steel C/W Bevelled Edge and SALLY

7.5m x 3m x 25mm Anti Skid Crossing/Pit Cover Plates – Steel C/W Bevelled Edge and SALLY

Typical applications:

  • For use on streets and highways, but more suitable for larger industrial/airport/dockside environments.
  • Bevelled/chamfered edges on all four sides to avoid them being a trip hazard
  • To traverse excavations up to 1,700 mm wide, where pedestrian and/or cars will cross
  • To cover trench up to 1,400 mm wide for trucks, heavy construction plant, cranes and forklifts
  • Can be used for covering hardened or unmade ground such as playing fields and lawns areas, zones where subterranean conditions are undetermined or sensitive required to support of massive loads, for heavier traffic such as trucks, cranes and machinery
  • Base for temporary structures
  • To make safe larger open excavations such as inspection pits, bell chambers or utilities service junctions
  • Can be bolted down with ANKERBOLTS to improve security and load performance
  • Not suitable for traversing with tracked vehicles, as their tracks will cause damage to the anti-skid surface if applied directly. Non anti skid available.
  • As with all roadplates/crossing plates, the loadings for whatever passes over them will be transferred to the areas bearing the edges of the plate. Adequate measures to shore the underlying excavations should be taken
  • Individually serial numbered for tracking purposes.

Mass: 4,415 kgs

Mechanical handling: Yes. Using suitable crane etc via 2 x SALLY lifting points plus suitable spreader beam.

SALLY Only: Yes – 2 X

Anti skid: Various

Securing method: Precision drilled and counterbored 20 mm dia holes in corners for M18 ANKERBOLTS or similar

Specification sheet

Case study: Working with Veolia at Swan Hunter Shipyard