Articulated Trailers with Moffett Mounty

One of our key delivery capabilities are articulated vehicles and trailers with Moffett Mounty all wheel drive forklifts mounting. These are sometimes referred to as ‘Hitch Hikers’ or ‘Piggy back’ forklifts.

For delivering large numbers of bulky items such as Zigmats or GPRM’s they take some beating for safe and speedy offloading on site.

Ours also have special modifications to enable safe handling and spotting of the heavyweight 2.50 tonne TVCB (Temporary Vehicle Crash Barriers) concrete blocks.

This function means that our drivers can single handedly and safely perform loading and unloading of many types of cargo.

Case study: BNP Paribas/NHS Shrewsbury and Telford – Shrewsbury Hospital